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Cheryl Hanna Legacy

Cheryl Hanna, 1994
Cheryl Hanna, 1994
Professor Cheryl Hanna was a beloved teacher and role model to many within and beyond the Vermont Law School community. Her untimely death is a profound loss to our faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Our hearts are with her family.

This online forum is a space for sharing your thoughts, condolences and memories of Professor Hanna, to be shared with her family and with the Vermont Law School community.
Cheryl Hanna, 2005
Cheryl Hanna, 2005

Remembrance Journal

Dearest Professor Hanna I will always remember the genuine passion in which you enamoured us in free speech and equality lectures. I will always remember when deeply immersed in your elevated and brilliant style above any painful Socratic method, I discovered my own legal discourse. Your elegant way of fighting lions and empowering your students will always be remembered. Your noble flame and luminescent spirit will stay with us forever. Your Con Law student,
Wildaliz De Jesús Arocho VLS ‘06

Cheryl was my teacher, my mentor, my guide, and my friend. Law school was, for me, a soul-crushing experience. Cheryl was there when I needed her, encouraging me to keep at it and not to give in to despair. After I graduated in 1996, and moved to Oregon, we kept in touch, but as the years passed, our contact grew more infrequent. I am heart-broken that I could not be there for her when the despair grew too great.
Cecil Reniche-Smith JD 1996

Cheryl was amazing, as we all know. We are all lucky to have known her. Let's carry her passion forward!
Marcia A. Brown, MSL '92/JD '95

I am a brand new LLM distance learning student and never met Prof. Hanna. Yet, from reading all of the above heart-felt comments, the impact she had on what makes the VLS community so special jumps out from all of your words. Truly, a wonderful tribute to a wonderful life and an enduring legacy.
John Schafer

I did not know Cheryl, but admired her legal expertise and ability to speak legal terms in simple layman language. She was a person of strength and character and a particularly huge heart who worked for change and improvement of our social system and I am deeply saddened by her unexpected death. She will never be forgotten,nor her work and passion for social justice.
Catherine Nguyen

Cheryl arrived at VLS like a strong gust of spring wind. Her specialty was girl gangs, while we were still making a name for ourselves in environmental law. With her pedigree, she could have gone anywhere - why Vermont? From students to faculty and staff, we were incredibly lucky to have her in our community. She came to exemplify what a VLS professor should be - intelligent, engaging in class, up on the latest in her own fields and interested in those of her colleagues, available to students, involved in campus life, and an ambassador for the school on many levels. On top of all that, she was kind, funny and had style. It is troubling to read that she feared that treatment for her depression would affect her career; I can only imagine that was her depression talking, because I believe VLS would have done what it could to protect and support her. I really appreciate her husband coming forward to tell her story. The onset of her depression was recent; unlike some of us who suffer from it, she did not have time to learn the ebb and flow of it, to realize that it would pass, and that the only way out of the darkness is through it. She did not have the experience of depression to remember that on the other side there is life, laughter and love again. I mourn her loss, and grieve for her children and husband. May they find peace over time.
Leslie Sullivan Sachs (formerly Staudinger)

I remember her interviewing at Rutgers many years ago. Very bright and very classy. A very sad story.
Mike Livingston

I never met Cheryl face-to-face and have no connection to the VLS; rather I was a general pediatrician practicing in rural VT needing advice about an adolescent with intellectual disability involved in a dangerous relationship. I searched the internet for legal papers on consent in this settign and found Cheryl's excellent piece on the laws regulating sex as sport--a paper, I might add, that was so well written that it was accessible to those outside the legal profession. I had further questions and emailed Cheryl. To my pleasant suprise, she responded immediately to my emails and later to my phone calls. I was so impressed with her humanity--helping my patient took time, unreimbursed time, and time that would not count towards tenure or whatever professional ledger applied to her. I just logged on to the VLS site to find that paper for another colleague with a simillar patient scenario and was so sad to see this posting. She was clearly a profoundly decent person within AND outside VLS.
A Stacie Colwell MD PhD

Prof. Hanna was a wonderful guide and mentor to so many of us lost first years. I had the privilege of being among her many Con. law students. I will always remember her wonderful smile and sense of humor. She took the nervousness out of law school and at once demanded the very best from her students. My sincere condolences.
Sean McGinty '08

Cheryl could light up any room, from a classroom to a dinner table with Board Members, alumni, and VLS faculty. She owned the long day with passion for her work and sincere interest in the people around her. I never had the pleasure of having her as a teacher, which is far from saying I didn't learn from her. No one can know better than her family how much she is missed, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
Jeff Fucci '14

Professor Hanna reminded me that the law does not exist in a vacuum. She began each session by asking the class to contribute current events with legal implications. She also incorporated current Supreme Court cases in to the curriculum. Doing this reinforced that the cases we read involve real people, real controversies and have bigger implications for the rest of society. In short, these things matter, and not just if you to pass the Bar! I am glad that I had Professor Hanna and will truly miss her.
Erik Braghirol '16

I did not know Cheryl, but I intimately know her demons for I have suffered greatly at their hands. I am a successful career woman and on-going survivor of the insidious disease of BiPolarII Disease, mainly severe depression. My heart aches for her family, friends, students and the entire VLS community. Depression is an awful disease. She is free now, she is at peace. I am so sorry for the pain and loss her husband, children, loved ones are going through. It is a long road I know. I implore people to continue educating yourself on the disease. It isn't shameful, it isn't a weakness, its just another disease that we all have to take serious and take care of. I am so sorry for the loss of this beautiful person.

I was moved to write when I heard the news about your colleague, Cheryl Hanna. I only met her once or twice, and then only for short periods, but by all accounts she was a significant part of your community. So I wanted to offer my condolences to you, and to all your colleagues, on your loss. It is a terrible shame.
Dr Ian Holloway QC, Professor and Dean of Law, The University of Calgary

Cheryl inspired me with her activism for women's rights. She helped me find good legal counsel at a time when my batterer was trying to get custody of our child. I am so grateful for her work and kindness.
Anonymous DV Victim/Survivor

I was deeply saddened to hear of Cheryl Hanna's death. I never had the opportunity to meet her -I wish I'd had- but was always struck - and moved- by her brilliance, insightfulness, enthusiasm, and work for and with others, through many channels. I was doubly saddened to hear of the factors that led to her death- including the stigmas associated with depression and seeking help or having the issue become known. There is sound evidence that lawyers experience depression at a higher than average rate, yet pressures of expectations of infallibility within the culture of the law and society in general pose huge barriers to getting help. This one-two punch of heightened vulnerability and barriers to help inflicts tragedy on lawyers and those around us. I know this territory better than I would like, first-hand. Nothing can bring people like Cheryl back- but please let us start- for real, and in earnest- to actively work, within legal education, and the Bar, to change the culture of shame and secrecy that surrounds depression.
Anonymous, VLS '92

Professor Hanna was my teacher, mentor and friend when I was a student at VLS. She was able to inspire and support -- just by being herself. I'm just stunned at her passing. My sincerest sympathy goes out to her husband, children and family.
Phoebe Pappas '97

My heart goes out to Professor Hanna's family and the VLS community. Professor Hanna was an amazing and inspiring professor and woman, who genuinely cared for each and every student that crossed her path. I feel incredibly lucky to have been one of those students. She will be greatly missed.
Stephanie Bellotti JD/MSEL '06

Safeline would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Cheryl Hanna, to the Vermont Law School Community and to the many Vermonters whose work, careers and lives she touched and enriched. Her knowledge, dedication, activism and ability to connect with people were truly extraordinary. We are grateful to Cheryl for her longtime support of Safeline's work on behalf of victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. She appeared many times in the annual Vermont Law School productions of "The Vagina Monologues." The passion she brought to those roles was her own. She will be greatly missed.
Safeline, Inc.

I met Professor Hanna very briefly at an open house. As a non-traditional student, I was nervous about re-careering. Her smile and enthusiasm put me at ease. In that brief encounter, I could see her contribution to VLS as a faculty and an ambassador. My heart felt condolence to the VLS community.

Professor Hanna was the rare teacher who could communicate the lesson with the perfect balance of insight and wit. She cared deeply for her students and had a terrific sense of humor. My condolences to her family.
Anonymous '01

I will always remember the bright, funny, compassionate and exceptional teacher, Cheryl Hanna. She touched the lives of so many. She blessed us with her wisdom and love; she taught with passion and her sense of humor lit up the room. My eyes will not dry anytime soon. Rest in peace, sweet Cheryl. May her family's pain soon subside as they remember the Outstanding Woman who is their Mother and Wife!
Richard Sieg, JD 2008

I didn't know Cheryl well, but had the privilege of serving on a conference panel with her a few years ago and have followed her work for a long time. She was a thoughtful scholar, a pragmatic feminist, and just a very nice person. My heart goes out to her husband and children, as well as the community at Vermont Law School.
Joanna Grossman

i'm shocked and saddened at the news! Professor Hanna was only 2 years older than me when I was a student in her Evidence class... but she was able to impart wisdom about the law and life far beyond her years. And, I've never been able to watch "My Cousin Vinny" without remembering she sent me to the video store during class so she could use the movie to demonstrate how to use experts on the stand.
Kim (Strauchon) Verner '98

Rest now Cheryl. You've done good work and have made a tremendous difference by just being you. You'll be missed and thought of often and never forgotten. I am privileged to have known you. Rest in peace.
Susan Burns

My deepest condolences. We will continue to teach her work and she will continue to enlighten the world.
Deborah Weissman

Professor Hanna made me want to do better, not just scholastically, but also in terms of my role in the world. Her command of the law and the way in which she communicated it were at once impressive and engaging. Even though she was greatly respected and her time was in high demand, she always found a way to make time for individual meetings and advice. She made clear that every student mattered. She coached and she inspired. She showed us that being an attorney brings with it a responsibility to stand up for the under-represented. I will always treasure the time she shared with me providing guidance for our ACS chapter, or helping me understand a particularly difficult legal concept. Her impact on my life is indelible and I am truly appreciative that I had the opportunity to learn from such a unique and special woman. Thank you Professor Hanna. You are sorely and deeply missed.
Jared Bianchi '13

I last saw Cheryl at the Restorative Justice Conference at UVM in July 2014. When I addressed the conferees I advocated for a criminal justice system strong and resilient enough to be flexible enough to allow for alternative visions of justice. Cheryl had alternative visions. For her students she saw promise often beyond what the students saw in themselves. For VLS she saw an even more vibrant law school, engaging for its students and engaged in the world. And for this country she had an alternative vision not rooted in changes in law or policy but instead in honoring the commitments already made in law and policy, especially our commitments to the disenfranchised, women, and children.
Robert Sand

Professor Hanna was indeed a brilliant, shooting star. Amazing professor and admirable woman. I wish her peace.
Leah I. Korce, '07

Cheryl, you inspired and touched people wherever you went, each time you spoke Thank you for your contributions. Your lively spirit and intelligent voice will be missed. I am so sorry to learn about your struggle, but know your legacy is one of strength and inspiration! Mary Kay Dreher

To me, as to many others, Cheryl was a role model. One of the many things I admired about her was her poise in just about any situation. Whether talking with students, colleagues, judges, journalists, or a troop of Girl Scouts, she handled every interaction with kindness and grace. Any of us who had the good fortune to know Cheryl are the better for it. She made the world a better place while she was in it, and there is a great hole left in her absence. The solace is that she spent many years inspiring scores of law students, young girls, and women who now also strive to make the world a better place…while wearing some really great shoes.
Jennie Clarke

I want to express my deepest condolences to Professor Hanna's husband, children, and family. I was fortunate to know her as a professor for both Con Law and Evidence and in her role as the WLG faculty adviser. Professor Hanna was not only effective at passing on her knowledge of the subjects to her classes but also helped her students grow individually. I will remember her lectures and individual lessons always. She will be greatly missed.
Rosa Mendez '08

Cheryl touched us all with her vibrant generosity of spirit, her contagious energy, and her drive for justice. With her loss, we have lost a part of ourselves.
Max Kempner

Cheryl and I arrived at VLS at the same time, she as a professor, I as a non-traditional student. She had an unbelievable ability to make students feel comfortable and competent, not only in her courses, but in general. I no longer practice law... I teach, and I try my best to approach my students with the same warmth, understanding, and desire to help as well as educate, that she showed to me not so many years ago. She set an example that generations of students will continue to benefit from. In more recent years I came to enjoy seeing her on the various segments of the news and felt comfortable listening to her interpretations and explanations of current legal decisions and issues coming before the courts and how they would affect the people of the state of Vermont, specifically women and victims. I am going to miss her tremendously and feel sorry for the future VLS students who are missing out on the opportunity to get to know Cheryl's particular brand of law school professor. With these thoughts, I send my deepest sympathy out to her family during these most difficult times in their lives and to her children, my hopes that you will some day come to see your mother through our eyes, as the brilliant star that she continues to be.
Laurie Rosenzweig, JD '96

Cheryl was a joy to work with -- vibrant, thoughtful, sharp, so eager to help VLS's public voice, in front of and behind the camera. To a non-lawyer like myself, she made law seem not just important but such fun. That's how I'll remember her.
John Cramer

There are so many things I could say about Cheryl that I struggle to find anything that seems "good enough." I, like so many, am heartbroken by this loss. Cheryl had this amazing ability to let you in completely when you spoke with her. There were no walls and she was always willing to share her ugly or embarrassing sides if she thought it might help you grow. She was unapologetic in a way that never seemed to cross over into arrogance. And she was a joy to be around. One time I was joking with her about how I looked forward to seeing her on the US Supreme Court and she quickly fired back with a sly grin, "Oh I'd never make it through the Senate confirmation hearings, and you should live your life so you won't either." I know the entire community feels this loss and my heart goes out most of all to Paul, Samira, Elias and the rest of Cheryl's family. May we all burn even half as brightly as her light did.
Lillian (Kortlandt) Colasurdo '10

This loss has been heartbreaking. Cheryl and I crossed paths many times during my 17 years at VLS and we always took time to say hello or share a good conversation about life. I will always remember her smile, energy and kindness. May the fond memories of Cheryl help her family and friends find peace.
Fran Rhynhart

Thank you, Professor Hanna, for embodying what it means to be a steward and lawyer for the community and the world. Thank you for sharing your verve and positive energy. Thank you for teaching and sharing, supporting and challenging. For me and so many others, Professor Hanna inspired confidence and a desire to change things about society that did not feel right. She taught me to learn the law and to use it for good. Her approach to translating legalese has guided me in my work today. She will be missed but never forgotten.
Allie Silverman

I am deeply fortunate to have known Cheryl for the past seven years at VLS. She was part of the team that hired me and I am honored to have worked closely with her over the years in a variety of ways. She was a beautiful, classy person and a wonderful mentor, someone I deeply admire and whose influence and spirit I will always carry with me. She encouraged me to grow my career and added even more feminist awareness to my beliefs that I think about to this day. Cheryl cheered me on my path to motherhood, and validated the highs and lows of parenting plus career juggling. She said the most beautiful thing about motherhood to me that I’ll never forget, and it showed me that above all else, she loved her children and saw them as her higher purpose in life. My heart goes out to Samira and Elias, and all of Cheryl’s family.
Courtney Collins

Cheryl was instrumental in starting the Schweitzer Fellowship at Vermont Law School in 1996, and served as a mentor to many Schweitzer Fellows over the years. She was a tireless advocate for the underserved. Her dedication and leadership influenced and inspired many students. We send our deepest sympathy to Cheryl's family and to the VLS community.
Becky Torrey

The Vermont Law School Community has lost a wonderful person, a valued colleague, a good friend, and an inspiring role model. Cheryl Hanna will be sorely missed by her family, her colleagues, students, alumni and the Board of Trustees. She was a towering figure in the legal community, yet as compassionate and thoughtful a person as I have known. Hers was a life well lived; a life of consequence that touched the lives of so many accross the State of Vermont, around the country, and indeed throughout the world. She was a natural leader, a gifted educator and an effective communicator. I and many other current and past trustees have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and condolences from people of all walks of life who knew Cheryl. Those of us on the Board of Trustees who were privileged to know her and work with her and call her our friend and our colleague share in their grief and their unbounded admiration for this remarkable woman. Her time with us was all too short, but she leaves behind a legacy of service, compassion and excellence that will live on at Vermont Law School. Edward C. Mattes, Jr.'83 Chairman Board of Trustees
Edward C. Mattes, Jr. '83

Two years ago I had the good fortune to pick up a copy of Kids VT and to read one of Cheryll's opinion pieces. This particular article, "Par for the Course" focussed on the challenges of being a parent and having a dynamic career. It made me laugh, cry and think, but most importantly it made me feel better about the the highs and lows - the reality of being a working mother. Her down to earth demeanor and self depracating humor her genuineness made her exceptional. Our community, our state, our world is better for having had her here if only for short time.
Tamira Martel

It is a struggle to find the words. Not the right words, but any words to describe what a shining star Cheryl was for so many of us. It was a tremendous privilege to know her and love her for this short time. May her memory be a blessing.
Jennifer Taub

I was very fortunate to have Professor Hanna for Constitutional Law my first year. After 18 years in a medical profession it took me about 6 months to adjust to law school. She was not only an amazing and engaging teacher, but a wonderful role model and mentor as well. I enjoyed talking to her about her experiences, our children and my career path. My thoughts and prayers are with Cheryl's family as well as the entire VLS community at this difficult time.
Jo Ann Hertford MD, FAAFP, JD '07

My sincerest sympathies go out to Cheryl's husband Paul, her two beautiful children, and her greater family and close friends. It seems impossible that such a bright light in the legal profession and a woman beloved by so many could be gone. I took Evidence from Cheryl, but didn't get to know her until much later, after I graduated from VLS. She helped me navigate the law review article maze, and couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. I was struck by how real she was, how down to earth, and how lovingly she treated her son, who was playing nearby as we sat in lawn chairs behind the school one afternoon. Here was this giant legal mind, this beautiful woman, talking about how hard it was to juggle parenthood and work. I felt connected to her not only as lawyers, but as mothers and women. She was a champion of women's rights and a girl's girl. I feel for her family and especially her children, as they won't have the benefit of her wisdom and unique perspective of the world while growing up, but I'm sure she gave them an excellent foundation. Rest in peace, Cheryl. I will never forget you.
Heather Whitney-Williams, J.D. '07, LL.M '11

Professor Hanna will be missed by so many and reading through all of the posts it is clear that she affected people much in the same way that she made an impact on me. I always looked forward to her challenging our ideas and thoughts in Con Law but also keeping class upbeat and fostering active group discussions. And then on a one-on-one level she was so great to bounce ideas off of, whether it was for paper, career or class ideas. I'm still in shock that she won't be there the next time I return to campus. She is missed and will always be missed.
Matthew Gerke, JD '09

I was privileged to have had Professor Hanna for Con Law and Evidence as well as to work with her on a number of community events. She was a big influence and supporter of me (and so many others) throughout my law school time. My heart aches, especially for her wonderful kids. I wish I would have told Cheryl how much her words of encouragement meant and of the significant impact of her checking on me when I bombed an evidence exam and felt like maybe I just wasn't cut out for this game. I am so grateful for her talking me through my intense contempt of multiple choice questions because I don't see black and white answers and encouraging me that the profession needs people like me to change the game. Her guidance helped me pass that wretched bar exam and to continue following my passions while learning and practicing law. She was a mentor. She challenged me and encouraged me to challenge her perspectives, giving me confidence to debate and to believe in myself. In her honor I commit to supporting and challenging others, to seeing their intelligence and talent and to helping them see it in themselves. I also commit to valuing myself and continuing to push for gender equity in pay, in the legal profession, in the environmental movement and beyond. It's a heavy torch, but I have a lot of incredible folks she inspired helping me carry it and we'll do our best.
Meredith Crafton

Cheryl Hanna was not my professor, in the traditional sense, I didn't attend her classes or even know her in the academic world. However, she was my teacher, she inspired me and without ever saying a word to me, she pushed me forward and helped empower me to keep speaking out and going deep, giving a voice and a face to a tough issue. Her legacy is the empowerment she gave to all the women, and men, she touched.
Women Helping Battered Women Survivor/Activist

A visiting professor at Seattle University, Cheryl and I struck up an immediate friendship. We had shared interests, backgrounds, friends, the importance of family, and a love of the American political system. As the year progressed, I realized that Cheryl easily counted others as friends, something to be said more about Cheryl as a person, then our shared interest. Keen on national politics, and not to mention both of us native Michiganders with a certain pragmatism to politics, we made a maple syrup wager on the national election. Her bright smile in making that wager is something that I won't forget. Thank you Cheryl, your passion of your pursuits and interests was infectious.
Stephen Seitz

My deepest sympathies to Cheryl Hanna’s family. Cheryl’s untimely death is a tragedy and an immense loss for her family, Vermont Law School and the State of Vermont. I hope her children will know what an inspiring, wonderful role model their mother has been for so many. Marc Mihaly said it perfectly, “The very fabric of our community—the VLS community and the Vermont community—is forever changed.”
Melissa Kalinen, MSEL '03/JD '06

Professor Hanna was much more than just a professor she was a role model, mentor and a friend to me. I had the pleasure of working with her on a gender equality issue the summer after my 1L year and felt honored to have her consider me her colleague and not just a research assistant. She truly believed in me as a young attorney. I will never forget the lessons I learned from her, including to make sure I wear lipstick when on camera. My heart goes out to her family at this time
Kat Stinson '15

In 2008, I met with Professor Hanna, starstruck, hoping for just thirty minutes with a national DV expert to get some advice on my law review note. Of course, instead of just sending me on my way with a few suggestions, she took me under her wing--just as she did with so many others before and since. If you were in her presence, she lifted you up, she praised your good work, she challenged you to do more. She weaved you into her web of connections. She lived and breathed "mentorship" in the most authentic sense of the word. She outlined paragraphs and planned interview outfits in the same breath. She never let me entertain the notion of an obstacle, not as a student, and not as a professional woman starting out in my career. My heart is broken for all those who lives were touched by her as mine was, is, and will be. May we all carry her good work and her example forward.
Cara Cookson '10

As Professor Hanna's Constitutional Law TA, I had the honor and priviledge of working closely with Professor Hanna on a regular basis. She truly cared about each student and wanted to know who was having a hard time understandning the basic issues in Constitutional Law so she could provide an opportunity for them to meet with her individually---a more caring Professor is hard to find. Her power of example -- stellar, her enthusiasm for the law --contagious and her impact on my life -- profound. Thank you for everything Professor Cheryl. Boe Morgan '07
Barbara Boe Morgan '07

I wish I had the opportunity to truly express the astounding impact Prof. Hanna has had on my life. I took her Women and the Law course expecting a total b.s. credit requirement. What I learned from her, as well as the interactions she cultivated with the students in the class, has had & will continue to have a profound impact on my life. She was a role model in every sense of the word. I will never forget the life lessons I have learned from my exposure to her beauty and grace in achieving all she has. I can only hope to one day live as large as she. You will be missed dearly Professor Hanna, rest in peace.
J. Miller, JD '14

Cheryl Hanna was my advisor, mentor and one of the few professors who really believed in me. She continued to keep in touch, followed my career and often invited me to talk with other students. I've had the privilege of advocating on behalf of vulnerable populations, mostly women and older adults, because she supported me in pursuing my dreams. I'm so happy she got to meet my husband at our 5-year class reunion and I got to see her beautiful daughter. She inspired me with her natural grace, brilliance and ability to see the positive and possibility in her students all while having a family. I am so sad to hear of her untimely death and wish peace upon her family. Her teaching and work will live on through all of her students. I will certainly miss her so, so much.
Ashley B. Carson Cottingham '06

Always smiling and willing to help. Will be greatly missed. Indeed a great loss.
Steve Wainaina 2007

Sending your soul into the depths of space For here to eternally illuminate your grace. Universe bless Cheryl.
Lisa G. Evans, UVM '84

I had the honor and privilege of having Professor Hanna for evidence in the spring of 2007. She was an awesome professor and an even better human being. This world is at a loss without her, but Heaven has gained an angel I am certain. She had a way about her that just made me want to be a better person. I am certain that my parents welcomed her into Heaven and can relate back to the time when they first met over seven years ago. One of the things that I will never forget about Cheryl is the famous saying of "look-it" when she was really driving an important concept into focus. I always knew that when she stated those words that I'd better pay close attention. I will miss hearing her say that. Cheryl also thought she resembled Marissa Tomei and loved that idea! I will continue to pray for her family and especially her husband and children. May you find peace during this most difficult time.
Rob Gordie, JD '07

With the passing of Cheryl Hanna on Sunday, the students, faculty, staff and alumni of Vermont Law School lost a dear friend, mentor and colleague. The people of the State of Vermont lost a public citizen and an immensely talented lawyer. And the nation lost an activist for the rights of women—and a force for change. Most heartbreakingly, her family lost a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. The very fabric of our community—the VLS community and the Vermont community—is forever changed. In this small and rural school, and in this small and rural state, community truly matters. We lean on, and turn to each other for guidance and support. A strong community needs active, giving people who devote themselves to helping others, who lead by example, who create the bonds that sustain communal life. Cheryl Hanna was just such a person, a lynchpin of the VLS community and of Vermont. Cheryl was a true teacher, both for generations of students at VLS and for the citizens of Vermont where, via television and radio, with verve, humor and insight, she taught the meaning of the law. Time and again, VLS students elected Cheryl as their Teacher of the Year. Her classes were in high demand. And we cannot count the number of times Vermonters not otherwise associated with the school have approached us to compliment Cheryl’s exposition of a legal controversy. Cheryl’s connection to our students transcended the intellectual realm. She saw them as whole people—each and every student mattered to Cheryl—and made sure that her relationships went beyond the walls of the classroom. She was a frequent friend, advisor, and warm listener to students who needed help—or who just wanted the pleasure of her company and her bright, encouraging smile. Posts on the Cheryl Hanna Legacy page include statements from those who were not in her classes, but who nevertheless received the warmth of her friendship, a loan of a computer, a word of advice, a confidence-boosting pep talk. Above all, VLS students saw in Cheryl what we all seek as we try to invent ourselves in life: a role model, an example of who we want to be and what we want to achieve. VLS alumni maintained their connections to Cheryl long after commencement, and she to them. In these difficult days we have heard and read words of grief and condolence from hundreds of alumni, many of whom have also expressed their desire to continue “to make her proud” and “make a difference.” Cheryl cared deeply about many causes and ideals—VLS among them. She gave so much of her contagious energy and thought to the development of this school, both as an idea and as a mission-driven institution. In addition to her teaching, we asked Cheryl to take on an administrative role where she brought her activism, creativity and energy to our admissions efforts and building partner programs, including with the University of Vermont. Cheryl, with her media savvy and her strategic vision, helped VLS find its voice. I attribute much of our success in finding students who belong at VLS—students who hear our call for leaders, for advocates, for change-makers—to Cheryl’s intelligence and strategic vision. Even as she returned to full-time teaching, she recommitted herself to building upon our partnerships and taking on new initiatives such as Lawyers for America, a program that places students in public service. Her life was all too short, but she leaves us with a legacy of leadership, scholarship, service and compassion. We—the VLS community, the VLS family—are better for having known her. We are honored to be tasked with sustaining her legacy by following her lead in selflessness and service.
Marc Mihaly, VLS president and dean

My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Professor Hanna’s family: her husband and her beautiful children. We keep you in our thoughts and hearts. So clearly did Cheryl have a tremendous impact on all who had the opportunity to cross her path, encounter her work, or to hear her speak. Like others, Cheryl touched my life in innumerable ways while I was her student at Vermont Law School. I gravitated towards her naturally, for her guidance, for her supervision on my final writing project, to take her seminar on Women and the Law, or to simply stop by her office to listen to her no nonsense, analytical approach to the decisions before me. When I doubted my abilities or demonstrated apathy in my work, she raised her expectations of me, and did not mince words when I failed to meet them. It seemed she knew what we were all capable of achieving, long before we did, and even if we did not. We were all future CEOs, activists, law firm Partners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in her eyes. Perhaps it was her strength of character and magnetic presence that drew me towards her, or the fact that she represented the type of woman in the legal profession that I aspired to be: fearless; strong; outspoken; compassionate; brilliant; and awe-inspiring. Cheryl embodied all of these attributes with effortless grace and wisdom. It is because of her that I continue to write, that I am not afraid of criticism in my scholarly work, and that I let my voice be heard. It was Cheryl’s voice that was constantly in the back of my mind at the lowest points of my LL.M. thesis writing, urging me forward, and reminding me that I could succeed, with focus and determination. Her frank candor, clarity, and unending support were and remain a constant source of motivation to me in my law career, as they are for us all. Thank you, Cheryl, for everything you have done for us, for the Vermont Law School family, and for the legal community as a whole. Thank you for motivating and encouraging women everywhere to reach their full potential, and for being a barrier breaker. You will continue to be a beacon of inspiration to us all. You are and will be forever missed.
Sara Phillips, JD '10

I didn’t know Professor Hanna directly, but I definitely knew of her. Through the influence she had on my closest VLS friends, who are like my family, her presence is felt in my life every day. In our minds and through the actions of those who Professor Hanna helped, taught or influenced in any way she lives on forever. A great and inspirational life by all measures.
Antonios Dimoulas, JD ‘10

As an LLM student, I was not able to join any of Professor Hanna's classes but her name and amazing reputation were known around the law school. I would often point out her commentary to my colleagues with a "She teaches at my alma mater" attached. Based on the comments from her former students, her light will be carried forth by all those whom she touched. My deepest condolences to her family.
Jamie Ewing, LLM '03

Our professor and colleague, Cheryl Hanna was an absolute joy and inspiration to know, work with, and to be around. She was an illuminating star in a vast panorama where there are far too few lights to guide one along the way. Cheryl was truly a one of a kind person who touched everyone with whom she came in contact. All at Have Justice—Will Travel, Inc. (HJWT) are extremely sadden by her death. The existence of HJWT is in part due to Cheryl’s keen observation that women and girls in Vermont who are victims of domestic and sexual violence desperately need free legal and social services. She provided continuous encouragement for Wynona (’98) to follow her dream of helping victims and provided even more positive persistent advice when that dream was disrupted because Wynona had difficulties passing the Bar Exam. Professor Hanna greatly influenced each attorney that graduated from Vermont Law School and eventually came to work for HJWT. Staff Attorney John Lamson (’06) was honored to collaborate with professor Hanna on VLS’ V-Day celebrations. In addition, John was one of few men privileged to take professor Hanna’s Women and the Law elective class. Professor Hanna eventually became John’s advisor and helped to connect him with HJWT for a summer internship. Attorney Lamson has now worked for HJWT and Vermont victims for eight years. For Hannah Myers (’13) Cheryl provided support, mentorship and inspiration. Cheryl encouraged Hannah to pursue her dream of developing a career helping victims of violence, and offered support to make that possible, and motivated Hannah with her tireless advocacy and dedication to women and victims of violence. Cheryl provided a shining example of the kind of compassion, confidence, fierceness, and dedication that we all hope to achieve. Everyone at HJWT sends their deepest heartfelt sympathy to Cheryl’s family, friends, and colleagues. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. May our work be inspired by and carry on her memory. Those we serve are also served by her. Wynona I. Ward John B. Lamson Hannah Elle Myers
Have Justice Will Travel

Professor Hanna changed my life for the better, and I am grateful to her. I was in Professor Hanna's evidence course at VLS during spring 2010, the spring of my 2L. I enjoyed her teaching style, even though she always seemed to call on me when I felt the most confused about something. She was always kind and encouraging, but she knew when to push. She had a big brain, huge heart, and loud mouth, and she used all three for good. During the summer of my 2L, Professor Hanna served as a reference for me and she helped me land a fantastic appellate judicial clerkship in my home state of Oregon. I am convinced that she charmed my judge over the phone. I am so glad that he called her and that she was in my corner during a pivotal moment in my career. At graduation in May 2011, Professor Hanna approached my family with her sweet family in tow. Her visit was brief, but what she said to my mother has proved to be a profound source of strength for me when I struggle with self doubt. She told my mother that I am eminently capable and that the only thing that could hold me back is me not believing in what I am capable of achieving. She generously and intentionally imparted confidence, idealism, and, importantly, joy, to those around her. We were blessed by her life. May her memory be a blessing.
H. M. Zamudio, JD 2011

My prayers and thoughts go to Professor Hanna and her family. I believe as a student at VLS, she embodied what most of us were striving to become. She will be sorely missed in the legal world and in the community.
Kristin Wackley '08

I was fortunate to have Professor Hanna for Evidence. She clearly loved teaching, and it reflected in each class. After I graduated, I carpooled with Professor Hanna to attend a day of the Vermont Yankee trial in Brattleboro, and was fascinated to watch her go from effortlessly appearing in front of the news camera to telling me how much she admired one of the attorneys in the case (and her outfit.) Earlier this year I ran into Professor Hanna while very pregnant with my son, and she was overjoyed to share in my news and even though she was busy she took time to catch up with me. I will miss her greatly and am glad that I had the opportunity to learn from such an amazing woman.
Anastasia Douglas '11

It was great privilege to have a year of constitutional law with professor Hanna. Starting class with a brief discussion of current events provided a subtle but effective way to teach how to connect dots. In 2004 discussing same-sex marriage headlines provided context to understand civil rights case law. At the time professor Hanna pointed out that the headlines represented the civil rights issue of our time and of course she was right as a decade later we have gone through a major constitutional shift. She was a gem and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
Melissa Mullarkey '07

I never had Professor Hanna for a course, but escaping her impact was impossible at VLS. She embodied, in its truest form, the ethos VLS gave to each of us: commitment to making our community and the world a better place. I will continue to pray for her family and the law school community and be thankful for the blessing to have been impacted by her courageous spirit.
Matthew Eldred, JD '13

I was fortunate enough to have Cheryl Hanna as a professor for not one, but two classes while at Vermont Law School -- and had I had the opportunity to take more classes from her I certainly would have. She was a woman whose passion, conviction, leadership and friendship inspired me and probably thousands of other law students and law school graduates -- and she continues to inspire me. Cheryl Hanna you are gone too soon and will be greatly and deeply missed but we will not forget you. May we all carry your legacy forward, making this world a better place, inspiring others, and always exuding kindness to all with whom we cross paths.
Lee Knight Caffery, JD/MESL '05

Professor Hanna, I am so sad to hear the news and wish you peace. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated how much trust and confidence you put in your students. So many looked up to you, inspired by your intellect, passion, sassiness, love, support, and care. You are greatly missed and I am hopeful that good will come out of this sadness. Hugs to your family.
Anna Johnson '09

Prof Hanna had a great finesse for teaching and encouraging her students. While maintaining command over material and effortless questioning method, she never missed the chance for humor and team building to come into the lessons. She united students and brought out personalities through this talent of hers. Her strength, wit, and stage presence made it challenging, and her personality, sense of humor, and her ability to bring the class together made it comfortable and fun. She helped me remember who I was with, and what an important place we shared. She was a wonderful leader.
Justin Park '08

Cheryl Hanna was an amazing scholar,teacher and advocate for gender equality. But what I remember most is her gracious spirit, her wonderful laugh and her insightful comments. I will miss her and I know she leaves a gaping hole in the feminist community of teachers, scholars and advocates. She was a blessing to her students, her colleagues and to the advocacy community. Rest in peace sweet woman and know that you are loved and will be remembered always.
Kris McDaniel-Miccio

Cheryl Hanna was a true advocate for women, a thoughtful scholar, and an inspiration to many. So incredibly sorry to hear about her untimely death, but her spirit will live on in her work.
Melissa Breger

While reading these remembrances of Cheryl, I am reminded of just how engaging she was, and how so many people have special moments that they shared with her. She touched so many lives. She gave of herself endlessly. A tremendous inspiration, and an incredible loss to the VLS community. All of our lives are richer for having been a part of hers.
Ryan Waddell

When I was a second-year law student, I helped edit Professor Hanna’s article in the Harvard Law Review. Her article helped me realize that there was a place for me on the law review and in the world of legal scholarship more generally. Five years after graduating, I left practice to start teaching myself. I had never met Professor Hanna in person, but she spoke at the new law professors’ conference, providing down-to-earth wisdom and advice about writing, teaching, and life. I introduced myself after her talk, and she immediately recognized my name and welcomed me to the academy with warmth and encouragement. Our paths never crossed again, but whenever I’m struggling with my own scholarship, I remember Professor Hanna’s words about “shitty first drafts” and finding one’s voice. I join you all in mourning this loss.
Laura Rosenbury, Professor, Washington University Law School

I knew of Cheryl before I came to actually know her. It was the mid-1990s and I was working at a foundation in NY on improving the criminal justice response to domestic violence. My boss handed me Cheryl's Harvard Law Review article on the complexities of prosecuting dv cases, and told me I needed to read it. He was right. I couldn't know it then, but it was quintessential Cheryl -- intellectually first-rate, filled with practical insights, and perhaps most important, unafraid to confront some very controversial issues head-on. I thought, what a gutsy and smart person, and I hoped to meet her someday. I did, but in a funny way. Some years later, I decided to enter law school teaching and I was attending a conference for new law professors. The weather travelling to the conference was bad and when I arrived at the hotel late at night, there was a long line of people waiting to check in. I heard the person in front of me give her name, "Cheryl Hanna" and while she was waiting to speak to the hotel clerk, I introduced myself and discovered she was at the conference as a presenter. When the clerk returned and told Cheryl that the hotel had sold out its rooms, she moved into action. She negotiated a new hotel and transportation there not only for herself, but for me -- whom she had known for a total of five minutes. We met for breakfast the next day, and she shared tremendous wisdom about teaching and scholarship, and just being in the academic world. My strongest memory from that meal is her incredible enthusiasm about what she did, and her passion in sharing it with others. She was warm, welcoming and open. I was thrilled when a few years later she and her co-authors, Liz Schneider and Judi Greenberg, asked me to join them on the new edition of the domestic violence law casebook. During this multi-year project, she and I worked closely together. I was struck yet again by so many of her qualities -- she was thoughtful, highly intelligent, intellectually generous, and deeply interested in how the policies and laws were were discussing would impact the real lives of domestic violence survivors. And again, she was incredibly kind and welcoming to me, the new person on the team. It is truly hard to put into words her impact on me, and the loss that I feel. As I can tell from reading these messages, it is also a tremendous loss for her students, and the community both at VLS and throughout Vermont. Her loss also will be deeply felt nationally, in the academic community, and among dv scholars and activists, for whom she was a leader and an inspiration.
Emily Sack, Roger Williams U. Law School

My heart goes out to her family and I am grateful for all she taught me and her passion to address violence against women.
Becca Watson O'Connor '00

Professor Hanna was one of my favorites. We did not always see eye to eye from a political perspective, but she always understood the strength opposing views had and forced students to step outside their normal frome of mind and look at tough subject from a variety of perspectives. The world, my life, and and the lives of many others we better because Cheryl Hanna was part of it ever so briefly. Thank you Professor.
Aaron Melville '05

I am not a lawyer, have never studied law (save for one environmental law class in college over 35 years ago), but was always drawn to Cheryl's commentaries on VT Public Radio. She brought great insight to legal issues to a large number of appreciative listeners with her brilliant mind and wonderful, expressive voice.
Eric Hanson

I loved hanging out with Cheryl when we were both involved with Vermont Women in Higher Ed. At that point, she really wanted to meet a good guy and have kids, and I was so happy for her, that it came together for her. She's one of the most positive women I've ever met and I will miss her sorely.
Sarah Hooker

Writing with love for many sweet memories. You were a kick ass, beautiful, vivacious, smart, funny and caring professor and a great Constitutional law scholar. I thank you for long upbeat and positive conversations. You shined in our classroom with infectious smile and great energy while tackling icky con law issues with humor and wit. I'll greatly miss you! My deepest condolences to your beautiful family.
Margarita Smirnova

I had the great privilege of taking one of the first classes Professor Hanna taught at VLS. In 1994 and during every interaction I have had with her since I remained in awe of her enthusiasm, intellect and passion for the law. After law school she insisted I call her Cheryl instead of Professor Hanna but she continued to educate and inspire me to learn more and do better. Each time I have seen her in person, on TV or heard her on VPR, she brought a smile to my face with her quick wit and amazing ability to communicate with everyone as if anyone in earshot was the student in the front row of her class. As one of her students, Professor Hanna left a deep and lasting impression. With her passing we have lost a true Vermont Treasure.
Caryn E. Waxman, JD '96

Cheryl was a wonderful colleague while I worked at VLS in Institutional Advancement. I remember how respected, involved, approachable, and charismatic she was. She was a tireless advocate, a powerful voice, a truly popular and captivating professor, and she represented all the best of the law school's ideals and mission. It is just unfathomable that this highly accomplished and promising legal scholar and mother has left this earthly life so soon and suddenly. We remember her most fondly and cherish her memory and profound influence on so many.
Anne Janeway

Cheryl was a class act. An inspiration to many with her passion for straight talk and contagious energy. All the best thoughts for her family.
Barb Farr '92

Prof. Hanna was a passionate and caring mother and teacher. I had the honor on participating in her Women and Law class. She was inspiring and created a safe place for us to explore and challenge ideas. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
Linda Tsang JD '07

Professor Hanna was an amazing professor, woman, leader, and mother. I am so sorry she has left us. I will always be grateful for her spirit of passion and vibrancy in the VLS community and beyond. Thank you Professor for making such a difference or all of us.
Jennifer de Lyon Stralka

Prof Hanna was the greatest professor a first year law student could have. She both had high expectations for you, but was caring and supportive. You always wanted to make her proud. She will be deeply missed.
Jason Kaplan '09

Professor Hanna was such a remarkable and inspirational woman. My heart goes out to her family. I felt so lucky when I got into her evidence class and remember loving her sense of humor and ability to connect with students. What a loss for us all, but we are so fortunate to have known her.
Genesis Wren Miller, JD MELP '10

I did not have the chance to take a course with Prof. Hanna, but am truly saddened by her loss. I've always had a deep admiration for who she is and what she stands for. Her inspiration will no doubt live on in the many lives she touched. Heartfelt condolences to her family and the entire VLS community.
Tom Nelson, LLM '03

My thoughts are with Professor Hanna's husband and children, as well as her extended family and friends.
Agnes Lech-Nunenkamp '06

I am grateful for having had the pleasure of Professor Hanna as my Con Law Professor. As a proud member of the VLS class of 2009 she encouraged me to find my voice long after I was tired of the Equal Protection section of the course. I affectionately referred to her as the Oprah of Con Law because she cared so deeply about getting her students beyond platitudes and into the heart of the issues. It is no small feat to separate 1L's from their egos and she stuck with us. I am truly grateful to have had the pleasure of her acquaintance and are humbled by this turn of events. Thank you Professor, your words of wisdom have echoed through my experience and I am better for having known you. My sincere condolences.
Tamara Toles O'Laughlin, Class of 2009

Within our amazing, tight-knit VLS community, Professor Hanna was an icon. I only had the pleasure of her teaching for one semester, but even in that short time it was plainly evident why she had such a profound effect on so many of her student and colleagues. My condolences to all within the VLS community and most especially to her family. She will be missed.
James Crannell, JD 2012

Cheryl was more than a professor - She had about her a passion and vibrance that was evident to all who knew her. She was a believer that we could make a difference in a flawed system, and the confidence she exuded was both palpable and contagious. If I learned nothing from her other than that one voice just may be strong enough to effect true change, then it was a valauble lesson learned, and appreciated. Godspeed, Cheryl. You are loved and missed.
Jim Bonsignore '99

I never had a class with Professor Hanna, but I deeply appreciate all she did for our school and profession. My condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.
Adam Sherwin JD '10

Cheryl's rich thinking and clear guidance, her lively engagement and sense of humor contributed greatly to the policy work and leadership development that emerged from the years we worked at the Snelling Center for Government. I was proud to nominate her to the Center for Research on Vermont and enjoyed and benefited for years from her insightful commentaries and dedication to social justice. My thoughts are with her family.
Glenn McRae

What a very tragic loss for humanity. Cheryl Hanna, you will be missed by so many.
Tracy Sherbrook, a VPR listener

I'm was very saddened to learn of Cheryl Hanna's passing. Despite being away from the VLS community for 15 years now, I still thought of her often and regret I never got the chance to tell her I practiced ciminal law at EPA, despite my difficulty in waking up for her 8am crim class. I've interviewed several VLS students for internships here at EPA Region 2 and, universally, they all shared my views about Prof. Hanna -- she was a gift to the school, shared an infectious passion for the law, was a model advocate, a warm friend, and beloved teacher. She will be missed deeply.
Jay Simpson '99

My years at VLS represent more than just a stage in my professional life; they're part of my identity because of talented and dedicated co-workers like Cheryl. I respected her success in achieving some good in our world. We are all diminished by her departure and I wish peace and comfort for her family.
Pete Miller '04

My deepest sympathies to the family of an outstanding legal scholar and community leader.
Michael Chernick '91

I will never forget one of my first finals at law school, Con Law with Professor Hanna. We were all quite nervous and of course thought the world depended on the outcome of this final. Before the big day Cheryl sat us down and reminded us how lucky we were to be able to even take this final, as there were numerous people out there who were not as fortunate to be able to have this law school opportunity. We were special she said. From that moment on, I have always looked at having a bad day or having to do something I didn't want to differently. I think about how fortunate I am to be even having that bad day, and try to put it into perspective with what others may be dealing with. I will also always remember that my birthday and another classmate's fell on our second semester Con Law final. Cheryl heard about this, so invited the entire class out to the local restaurant after the final and then bought everyone a drink in honor of our birthdays. I was so honored that she made us feel so special and shared her time with us. Having Evidence with her was another fun class with fond memories. Living in Vermont now, I will terribly miss hearing her familiar voice on VPR commentaries that always made me smile, and were always so poignant. My heart goes out to everyone grappling with this devastating loss.
Markell Ripps '10

Cheryl embodied all that VLS is and all that we each aspire to be. She wasn't just smart or kind or funny or empathetic or committed or patient or honest or...I could go on and on. She played a central role in recruiting me to teach at VLS and continued to be my friend and colleague after I left and explored other professional opportunities. There is a deep, deep hole in my heart and soul and it will never, ever be filled.
Tim Duane

My deepest heartfelt condolences to the her family, VLS and others whose lives she touched. I didn't know Professor Hanna as intimately as everyone else, but she was definitely a campus wide name. In working with the Admissions Office, you began to know who professors were and their classes. There were skits and after classroom discussions that signature her as a special woman. Just seeing her in passing on campus she would carry this beautiful smile that didn't need an exchange of words. In keeping your memories alive, Cheryl's legacy will carry on. You are all in my prayers and thoughts. Always
Tansey Smith MELP 13'

Since I heard the shocking news of Cheryl's death, I have struggled to find words of comfort for those left behind. I do not believe they really exist. To her husband and children, I can only say that my heart breaks to think of your loss. To the faculty and staff at Vermont Law School, I know you will be focused on helping students through the grieving process. Do not forget to give yourselves time and space for your own grief at the loss of a friend and colleague. And finally, to the many students that Cheryl taught, mentored, influenced and guided: you are her legacy. Grieve her loss, and honor her amazing spirit.
Deanna Mello, JD '96

Cheryl was an inspiring, powerful force in this world, but she was also approachable and kind. This is not an easy balance to strike, but Cheryl did it with grace. I'm thankful to have known her and for the guidance she took the time to give me. My thoughts are with her family and I hope they know that the community of those who loved and admired Cheryl will help carry some of their grief.
Ashley Patton

Cheryl Hanna was a role model for me despite her younger age. Her legal commentaries were clear, insightful and often humorous. Her comments during the VY trial demonstrated she was a "spot-on" evidence teacher. I will miss her insights terribly. My condolences to Professor Hanna's family and for all of us in the VLS community.
Jean Anne Kiewel VLS '79

I am so sorry to hear of Cheryl's passing. Cheryl and I were on the opposite side of the political spectrum, but Cheryl was virtually unique among Vermont's political and intellectual Establishment in that she genuinely respected and was interested in dissenters and dissenting opinions. She was like a breath of fresh air. Vermont is poorer because of her passing. Rest in Peace
Deb Bucknam '79

As a young, impressionable woman starting her first year in law school, Professor Hanna had quite an impact on me. She was brilliant but had a way of making the most complex issues understandable and was able to also find the brilliance in each of her students, she was funny and entertaining, she was passionate about her students, about VLS, she was witty, fearless, confident, fashionable (she wore knee high black boots before they were popular), and she pulled it off with such ease and grace. As a professional in a field still dominated by men (law and shipbuilding), she is someone who I think of often and hope that I am able to exude an ounce of her fearlessness and confidence and grace. Such a bright light, extinguished far too soon. The world, VLS, Vermont and countless individuals are better off having had Cheryl Hanna in their life. She was truly one of a kind. Peace to her family, colleagues and friends in this time of grief. May you find solace in her legacy.
Ann (Melander) Freeman

Sad to hear of the passing of my former law school classmate. Christopher J. Ayres (Harvard J.D. '92). Berlin School of Economics and Law, Berlin, DE
Chris Ayres

Cheryl was an amazing and inspirational woman who was much loved and will be forever in our hearts. She was a teacher, a mentor and a friend to so many of us. I feel so lucky that she was a part of my life and my heart breaks for her husband and children.
Lydia (Bottome) Turanchik '98

Fantastic person, fantastic professor. I am so glad I got to fly back to Vermont and thank her in person last year for teaching me evidence so well a decade ago.
Michael O'Brien 02

Cheryl was my student in one of the first Battered Women and the Law courses in the country at Harvard Law School in Spring 1991. She ultimately became one of my co-authors on the law school casebook Domestic Violence and the Law now in its third edition from Foundation Press. She was smart, energetic, funny, warm, an amazing collaborator and wonderful person. I loved her very much and am so sad to lose her. I feel so lucky to have known her for so long. Her death is a terrible tragedy for all of us around the country who knew her.
Liz Schneider, Professor, Brooklyn Law School

The grandest thing I've done at Vermont Law School, at least so far, has been to blog with Cheryl and with Pat Parenteau while the Entergy lawsuit (challenging the state's forced closure of Vermont Yankee) was pending. Cheryl and Pat were the two academics; I was just a lawyer who had found his way to a teaching job at VLS. It was Cheryl who literally gave me permission, in the form of earnest encouragement, to defy the campus conventional wisdom and explain why I thought Entergy would prevail (as it did, at both the trial and appellate levels). I simply would not have had the courage to do that if Cheryl hadn't cheerily advised me that offering my best and most frank analysis was the right way to conduct public discourse about the law. I see from the tributes here that Cheryl helped lots of emerging legal thinkers find their voices. Well, she helped me rediscover mine. My heart goes out to her grieving family.
Donald Kreis

Professor Hanna was a unique presence at VLS. I never had her for a single class, never worked with her on any projects outside of class. She had absolutely no reason to know who I was. Yet every time our paths crossed on campus she would call me by name, ask about my friends, and wish me the best. Like so many other faculty members, she was there when the class of 2010 needed her most. She will live on through us all.
Nick Mangold '10

Every year the VLS Women's Law Group puts on a Phenomenal Women Awards luncheon. The student body votes casts their vote for women they think were true leaders, role models and all around phenomenal. Professor Hanna would win this award year after year. During my 3L year, she came to us and (jokingly) said that she rather be taken off the ballot and given a lifetime achievement award. We did just that. When it came time to announce the award, she seemed so shocked that we actually went through with it. She truly deserved the recognition and with tears in her eyes she thanked everyone and we could see how much she cared about VLS, WLG and our whole community.
Bridgette Gallagher '11

Cheryl was a remarkable professor and wonderful friend. I have so many fond memories. I loved how she started most criminal law classes with references to the week's "Law & Order" episode as she effectively wove pop culture into the classroom to help us make connections. I appreciated her good humor as I portrayed her in our 3rd year "faculty follies" skit (skirt and boots a must!) and that we shared a laugh over a beer afterward. Our Women's Law Group appreciated her tireless support and advocacy as she led by example how to live a life with purpose. As her research assistant I loved discussing women's issues in her office and getting "fired up" together. While there she always checked in with me on how I was doing, dynamics with friendships and relationships, etc. I often recall the great dinner we shared while she was in San Francisco and I was there on business (as with everything she did, she even ordered well as we had the most perfect meal!). I am shocked and saddened and my heart goes out to her husband and children (so close in age to my own kids). Her legacy is realized far and wide by all who knew her. She was a true inspiration and I thank her for imparting wisdom, confidence, integrity, humor, straight-talk, friendship, and love. Rest in peace, my friend.
Erin (Barnes) Weaver '99

Cheryl will be missed in so many ways, as a friend, mentor, professor and that woman who you hope you never let down. There is a movie that many of us are not able to watch without thinking of her evidence class... Xoxox
Heather. '98

I was shocked to hear this news. I have the utmost respect for Professor Hanna and admired her work and passion for improving the community and supporting the students of VLS. I was lucky enough to be in her Con Law class and always appreciated the way she challenged you but built you up at the same time. She will be missed. My thoughts are with her family. Professor Hanna was, and will continue to be, a special lady.
Catherine Stitt, JD '09

Somehow, in that sea of student faces in the large lecture hall, Professor Hanna had the ability to make you - singular, small, you - feel important. You mattered to her. We all mattered to her. The challenge now is to make sure that, without her here to lead by example, we carry on in the same thoughtful spirit.
Courtney Queen '06

My first year of law school, I had the opportunity to be in Glamour magazine in a piece about abortion, an issue that is very important to me. However, the photo shoot landed right on the last day of contracts class, where we would be given instructions and information for the final exam. I knew that missing this would both irk my contracts professor and mess up my final (it did both). I went to Professor Hanna for advice. She encouraged me to follow my heart and do what I thought was right for me. "Who cares if you miss class! When will you get the chance to do this again?" I will always appreciate the way she told every single one of us to be true to ourselves and speak that truth, no matter what anyone else would think. At the end of class one day, she recommended that we all read "The Unbearable Lightness of Being," by Milan Kundera, because, she said, it is a novel that illustrates how we don't always have control over the outcome of our lives . . . sometimes things just happen. She had some rare quality that I can't quite put my finger on, but it was a combination of grace and strength, and she exuded it in everything she did and said. I will never forget the influence she had on me.
Sarah Hanley '11

I was shocked when I heard that Cheryl had passed away. I thought back to all the times she wanted me to book her a room even though sometimes none were available. I thought about how she would just stop by Waterman Hall on her way to class with no other purpose but to say hi and check in. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. May God comfort you all during this time. My heart is with the VLS campus as we all mourn her loss.
Wendy Smith

We at Cheryl's alma mater join yon all mourning the loss of this gutsy, caring, vibrant and inspiring lawyer, teacher, and leader.
Martha Minow, dean, Harvard Law School

Professor Hanna made and still makes me feel BRAVE. She taught us to put trust in our abilities as legal thinkers and impart creativity into any analysis. Even in her passing, I believe that she's telling her students to live full, happy and productive lives down to the very last minute, just as I know she did. Moving forward, I will remember her smile and reflect on her legacy when I'm afraid to tackle a tough legal concept. I was fortunate to have her as a professor and her words of wisdom and encouragement will stay with me forever.
Angela Walker, JD 2015

I did not have the good fortune of having Professor Hanna as my teacher during my three years at VLS, but I certainly knew who she was. Staying in Vermont after graduation, I heard her commentary and analysis frequently on VPR. She inspired such awe in me. As a young professional, and as a female in the legal field, she was certainly a model and icon: confident, intelligent, and poised, humble and down-to-earth. As a leader in the legal field, and as a voice of sometimes controversial social causes, she subjected herself to criticism at the highest level. But she excelled, and excelled with superior grace, and the respect of her colleagues was well-deserved. The news of Cheryl's loss hit me harder than I could have expected, not knowing her personally; Vermont, VLS, and the legal community has lost a bright and shining star. Undoubtedly, as this page represents, her legacy and her impact will go on. My heart goes out to Cheryl's family.
Jordan Gonda '10

I am profoundly sad that I will never have the chance to say, in person, "Thank you, Cheryl Hanna, for being a trailblazer simply by being yourself: a gifted, generous, compassionate, caring professor and friend to so many of us. I will miss you and will always remember the gift you were."
Lori Lustberg '98

I send deepest sympathies to Professor Hanna's family. I can only concur with what so many other former students have said. She was a wonderful teacher who artfully led substantive and thoughtful discussions on Constitutional legal issues. These are some of the most politically fraught issues our country faces but I believe everyone in her classes felt heard and respected - no matter their political position. She brought energy and good humor to each class. I just feel so fortunate to have known her.
Helene Busby 07

Cheryl was a ray of sunshine when she walked into the office. One time she brought in an armful of dresses for a bunch of us because she had found them online and liked them, and they were a good deal. She had such a generous and caring spirit! What a loss!
Heide Scheurer

Cheryl Hanna was an incredible professor, advocate, and mentor. She went above and beyond to include queer issues in her classes and was a huge ally to our community. She was an active voice at all of Alliance's events and was always ready to help us brainstorm the next one. When I was dealing with my own demons as a 1L, her class was a constant reminder that I was on the right path --- even beyond everything I learned about constitutional law (which itself was A LOT!), she taught me to not always take the study of the law (and myself) so seriously, to learn how to have fun with it. That's something I tried to impart on her students this past fall when I had the privilege of working as Professor Hanna's Con Law TA. She cared so much about both our personal well-being and our professional development -- and it really showed. Not every professor would be as happy as she was to venture out into the snow to bring stacks (yes, literally, stacks) of donuts to our final just to congratulate us on completing another exam (and to make sure we were eating!). I feel like I could write more and more about Professor Hanna's kind spirit, but I feel as though she would want me to stop typing and start reading SCOTUS Blog!
Adam Schmelkin '15

Cheryl was one of the rare teachers who impacted my life in a positive, memorable way. I'm grateful to have known her, and deeply saddened that she's gone.
Kirk Kardashian JD '04

Cheryl was a visiting professor my first year at UC Hastings, and I was so thankful to meet and work with her. She was a gifted teacher and a wonderful person--I will always remember her with fondness and deep appreciation. My sincerest condolences.
Stephen Tollafield

I was fortunate to be in Prof. Hanna's constitutional law class last year; and I decided to register for another class next year immediately after I knew she would be the instructor - I think this speaks louder than any other words. It was Professor Hanna's teaching in the constitutional law class that greatly shaped my idea about law not as a cold academic discipline or a pure tool of trade, but more as a mirror reflecting the broader social and political themes about public welfare and justice - and her personal devotion in off-campus community services set up magnificent examples for this idea. She was also so great an educator and mentor, with respect to the issues from class materials to personal choices. I will always remember her "work hard, but also work smart." I will also remember her encouragement that, as long as one can get his law degree, it is never a disaster to lose some good grades at law school . . . But the loss of Professor Hanna is a totally different thing; it is just so hard, so shocking, and so disastrous to lose her for a student like me who once benefited a lot from her most generous help.
Shengzhi Wang, JD '16

Cheryl Hanna was a terrific Constitutional law professor.She told me one day that all I needed was confidence. I have so much respect for her and thrived to be one day like her. All my thoughts to her family. She will be sorely missed.
Chloe Coska

Professor Hanna truly pushed her students to remain true to themselves and the reasons they wanted to pursue a law degree. Even if she didn't share your views, she encouraged and supported her students to express their own views. She was an excellent professor, friend and role model. The VLS community is truly blessed by her spirit!
Krystil Smith JD/MELP '13

Tears shed here on the west coast today for Cheryl. Cheryl was a visiting faculty member at UC Hastings here in San Francisco several times, and made so many friends who are mourning today. Brilliant, witty, always a fun companion and colleague: we wished we could have had her stay. When she got in touch last year to say Vermont wanted to join us in Lawyers for America I was doubly elated: to have Vermont as a partner but also for the excuse this was to be once again in contact with Cheryl. Her life was a blessing to so many; would that it could have been for so much longer.
Marsha Cohen

Cheryl was an amazing person and an incredible asset to the legal community. Her impact on VLS cannot be understated as she touched the life of every student that passed through the halls of Vermont Law. I am heartbroken that she has left us so unexpectedly and far too soon.
Sean D. Clarkson, JD '05

Professor Hanna took us broken and made us strong. She not only inspired greatness, she helped us find our own unique greatness. She turned us into great lawyers and even better people. My heart breaks for her family but I take comfort in knowing they must know how extraordinary their mom was.
Kate Udo '07

Cheryl was an inspiration to me and to countless others at Vermont Law School and beyond. She was a fierce advocate for women, and I was grateful for her voice. Stunned and saddened, I send my sincerest condolences to her family. We will not be the same without her.
Patty McIlvaine

I was Prof. Hanna's Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant and feel very lucky to have watched her teach and work. Her attention and instruction made me feel special, and made the work I was doing special. I was not the only student who felt this way. She had this effect on almost every other student of hers I've ever contacted. I am sure we are all poorer for her loss, and that the brightness of the VLS community is diminished with her passing.
Richard Donovan, JD 2009

While I never had Professor Hanna in the classroom, I worked with her on a few projects during my time at VLS - She was such an integral part of the VLS community that it would have been impossible to avoid! Her contagious smile and commitment to her students and the law in Vermont and beyond will be greatly missed in South Royalton and throughout the extended VLS community. My thoughts go out to her family during this time.
Emily Steinhilber, JD/MELP '12

Professor Hanna was a role model and mentor to many, including myself. I always looked forward to her Con Law class, as I knew we would all would be in for a treat with very lively, stimulating discussions. She was incredibly welcoming and friendly to all, and always pushed her students to become more curious and passionate legal scholars. She encouraged me to strive to give my best, and to never give up on my goals no matter how daunting the task may be. She was a fierce advocate for gender equality, and touched the lives of many through her work in such a rewarding way. She has been an incredible gift to the VLS community and the State of Vermont. My heart goes out to her family and those closest to her. She will be missed by all of us. Rest in peace.
Allen Smith, JD '15

I never met Cheryl but I knew her from her many thoughtful, informative and interesting public comments and writings. I was impressed by her clarity and the passion she always shared. I was also round of the way she represented VLS. She was an ambassador for the school every time she made a public comment. She probably was the most visible face the law school had to Vermonters. And what a wonderful face she was. My condolences to her family, friends and VLS family.
Donna Watts, JD '83

I didn’t work with Cheryl closely until recently, during the last week of May, Cheryl showed up in front of my desk. Cheryl was looking for someone else but they were unavailable. I asked her if I could help and she went on to tell me she had some legal documents she was trying to update and refile but for whatever reason she couldn’t locate the original finals. I offered her my assistance. While Cheryl was locating someone by phone, I wound up contacting a recent graduate who had helped her before through none other than Facebook. Through this all, Cheryl was laughing and joking even though the matter was quite serious. After I got her squared away, she gave me a hug and thanked me profusely. She asked me how she could properly thank me and I replied, don’t worry about it. We then realized that the paperwork had to be filed that afternoon and she was on her way out the door and didn’t have time to go to the post office. I asked her if she had money on her as I would mail it out for her. Cheryl handed over her debit card and thanked me again before heading out the door. It was two days later before Cheryl came back to retrieve her items and had a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of white wine in hand. I told her the gifts weren’t necessary as I was just doing my job, but thank you. Cheryl told me that I had helped her in a big way, it wasn’t me just doing my job whether I realized it or not and this was her way of thanking me. After hearing this sad news yesterday, I went home and opened my refrigerator and found none other than that bottle of wine…unopened. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and the rest of my VLS community.
Erika Pierce

So few people have real, true gravitas, but Cheryl had it. She was the most caring and passionate colleague I've worked with in my nearly 10 years as a law professor. I remember meeting her for the first time in 2007 at a hiring conference in Washington D.C., and she was instantly likeable and possessed a total command of everything. I could tell within seconds why she was regarded as a superstar law professor. She was also, more importantly, a deeply caring family member and friend to so many. She will be missed terribly. After we mourn, I hope we can celebrate her extraordinary life and legacy.
Michael McCann

Law school can be very intimidating, the thing I remember most about Cheryl was how much she empowered her students, me included. If a student got a question wrong she would make sure to encourage them to keep trying and to emphasize the part of their thinking that had been correct. It was the only class I had in law school where I wasn't terrified of giving a wrong answer. Cheryl exuded kindness, empathy and compassion. I remember struggling with class and going to her office to meet with her. She was so incredibly supportive of me and my studies, and made me feel like I could do well in school even when I was struggling. She was also lighthearted, funny and entertaining. I always looked forward to the lively discussions that I would encounter in her class, after all how many teachers would show a music video of "F*** you" with a hilarious law school theme. Cheryl was empowering, kind, graceful, funny and inspiring. I will miss her dearly, as will the entire community.
Chloe Viner Collins

I am saddened by Cheryl's passing and my heart goes out first and foremost to Paul and her children. VLS has lost one of its finest scholars, a dynamic teacher, leader, coach and community spirit. Cheryl gave so much to everyone. Your wise counsel will be sorely missed. Rest in peace.
J. Scott Cameron '80.

It was my first day at VLS back in the summer of 2011. I had just moved from Boston and I was living in Waitsfield and had an hour’s drive to the school. I got pulled over on Route 100 for speeding. The sherrif asked me where I was going in such a hurry, and I said I was going to Vermont Law School. He said, “Do you know Cheryl Hanna?” I said no because it was my first day. He said, "look her up when you get there, and tell Cheryl I am letting you off with a warning instead of a ticket because I agree with everything she says on VPR." I promised I would, and I did. You know you’re in the presence of greatness when just working at the same school with Cheryl gets you out of a speeding ticket. I was impressed by her then, and even more so after I met her and saw what a role model she was to students and new faculty.
Beth McCormack

I am so full of sorrow for Cheryl's family and her VLS family. She was a spirit to emulate even if most of us could never achieve this level of commitment and articulation in our own lives. She was, in short, an inspiration.
Daphne Moritz '90

I am unable formulate the words to express the honor of knowing Cheryl Hanna as a Professor , mentor and friend. She is and will continue to be an inspiration to VLS alum and the legal community as a whole. The impact she has on my life was priceless to say the least.
Alex Manning 06

Cheryl arrived on campus during my third year, and she made an immediate impact with her beautiful brain, smile, and heart. We loved her immediately, and we knew she would soar. Her loss is immeasurable to this community that she so loved back. I wish her family peace and love, and hope her light continues to shine on all of us.
Karis L. North, JD '95

Professor Hanna touched so many people both on and off campus with her amazing personality and her intelligence. Her teaching style was truly amazing, and I could never have gotten through Con Law without her. I will always remember her stories about her career and her advice for all the young lawyers in the classroom. One story stood out in my mind. The moral of that specific story, for me, was never to dwell on the little things in life. Always look beyond your mistakes, and brush off the embarrassing or uncomfortable situations and let them roll off your back. Her amazing advice and guidance will follow us all through our lives, and we will each carry a different story with us as we travel through our careers. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to learn and grow from such a terrific person. Truly a tremendous soul on this planet.
Rachel Stewart '16

Just heartbroken for Cheryl's family and all of my friends at VLS. Wishing you all peace and healing.
John Greabe

Cheryl would always stop and talk to me when she came into the Dean's Office. We would talk about our kids, about work, about nothing at all, or about life. She was a wonderfully warm and caring person and I am heartbroken. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to her family. May happy memories carry you through this time of sorrow.
Theresa Johnson

It is very very sad to hear such terrible news that we missed Professor Hanna. I remember as part of very few international students at VLS, I took Constitutional Law during my LLM with Professor Hanna and by look of Prof. Hanna, I had a very good feeling about that class. Once, we had our first session in day one of fall semester, she looked at me and asked "where are you from?"! She guessed that I am from Mid-East. Once she knew that I am from Iran, she mentioned " I am also half Palestinian and I know some Arabic" and then we exchanged few words and that was very interesting to me and during the whole year, I found her very caring, innovative and a great professor.
Mohammad Hosseini

Professor Hanna had an ease about her and was always approachable. She helped me evolve from being terrified about being a 1st year law student, to excited to work on issues that I am passionate about, and to study the law that shaped our country. I am grateful for having met such an extraordinary woman, who made me believe that I would in fact, survive law school. I appreciate, whole heartedly, all of the support that she gave to the Alliance, and her devotion to issues surrounding equality. She gave us perspective on what actually matters, and that it is important to lean on and help each other, despite the inherent competition of law school. She told us to take care of ourselves and remember to eat right, exercise, and spend time with friends - especially when finals loomed and it was easy to lose ourselves in stress. She reminded us that the real value in an education is not the degree that hangs on the wall, but the connections you make and the friendships that endure. I am fortunate to have been in her class, and to have had such a positive influence from a brilliant and amazing woman.
Alona Tate, JD '15

Cheryl was "leaning in" before the book was written. She was a leader in so many ways --an accomplished scholar, a beloved teacher, a great communicator, a tireless advocate for women's rights, the face and voice of the law school on TV and radio, a marketing maven, a savvy player in the fast paced world of the social network, and much more.But most of all she was and will always be a friend and valued colleague. She taught me how to disagree, in public, and have fun doing it. She taught me how to blog from the courtroom without the judge seeing us, while stifling a giggle. She taught me how to talk to millennials.She even asked if I'd get Bill McKibben to tweet the news that we had once again been voted # 1 in environmental law. Why? Because McKibben has over a million followers and that's our market, dummy! How many nationally recognized scholars of constitutional and criminal law could tell you who's trending on Twitter and why it matters? Cheryl's spirit lives on in each and every person she touched. Her fire burns bright. And each of us has a solemn duty to carry that torch and pass it on, for as long as we can.
pat parenteau

I knew Cheryl all too briefly. I deeply admired her dedication to women's issues and her capacity to inspire and support students. I also appreciated and drew strength from wonderful smile and her considerable energy. I am truly sad that Cheryl will no longer be here to contribute as she so impressively did and to build new memories through her presence.
Margaret Barry

I struggled through my first year trying to balance a new baby, law school, a home life, and my health. There were many times I cried in her office. She was the model of keeping it together - juggling all of the balls in the air and assuring us all that we could do it too. I always envied her success in what seemed like every area of her life. My thoughts are with her family.
Nikki South, JD '15

Professor Hanna was a truly inspirational person. She lit up every room she entered with her brilliant smile and laugh. I will miss her stories, enthusiasm, and passion for advocacy and change. She was a wonderful mentor and made me want to learn so much more about the law. I am devastated that she is gone but very thankful that I was influenced by such an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers go out to her husband and children. I hope they find peace and comfort in knowing the amount of lives she touched.
Jacqueline Sopko, JD '16

Professor Hanna was a caring and giving person. A week before my mid-term exams during my second semester of my 1L year, my computer crashed. Prof. Hanna offered to let me borrow her extra laptop. Not only did I use it for my midterms but for the remaining semester. Thank you for all that you have done for me and the students at VLS. We will miss your smile, sense of humor and outgoing personality. My deepest condolences to your family and close friends. I love you forever and always!
Hermise Pierre JD '15

Professor Hanna stayed in touch long after I graduated, and would often bust my chops for having chosen to represent management in labor and employment law matters. As recently as a few weeks ago, she shared her thoughts on recent Supreme Court decisions concerning affirmative action. I remember seeing her at the class of 06's 5 yr. reunion, and she got to meet my kids. She shared that blinding smile and told me how proud she was of me. I will miss very dearly and wish her family much strength during this difficult time.
Ivan Mendez, 06

She was such a force of personality on campus, a source of calm in a sometimes crazy place, and a voice of reason. She epitomized what I thought a great lawyer and human being would be like. Something to strive for. To say she'll be a huge loss to VLS, the state of Vermont, and the legal profession, is a gross understatement.
Stephanie Tavares-Buhler

I was fortunate to have taken Constitutional Law with Professor Hanna. I truly looked forward to her class. Her ability to interact with us and share her immense knowledge and PASSION for what she loved with such humility and engagement was one of a kind. Professor Hanna has been an inspiration to me, and I'm sure so many others. She will be missed and my thoughts and prayers are especially with her family, friends, and the VLS community.
Nicholas Hancock

When I think of Cheryl, I think of her smile, her unwavering support, her generosity of spirit. She was a stunningly beautiful person, inside and out.
Maryellen Apelquist

Professor Hanna was one of my favorites at VLS. When my father passed my first semester at VLS she was very supportive to me and reminded me that she was there if I needed anything. I had such a difficult time with Con Law,but after one of her many entertaining stories in class one day, I shared my worries about the class. She looked at me with her signature smile and said "don't worry about it, C equals JD" I kept that with me through the rest of the academic year. You will be missed Professor Hanna and I pray your family,especially your children find peace knowing that you completed your journey here and your that your well and resting.
Shanice Bailey, JD'16

I never had Professor Hanna for class (I wasn't one of the lucky ones selected for her section of Constitutional Law). I did have the opportunity to interact with her about reinventing Vermont Law's image with "Back to Mission." She was so passionate about the school and really understood what VLS is really about - a rare passion to find in any human being. She was 100% genuine about VLS and you never got the sense that this was "just a job" for her. She touched so many with her poise and intelligence, not only at VLS, but in Vermont as well. For instance, my grandmother (from Bethel, VT) rarely asks about my law school education, except for after Professor Hanna appeared on her "Above the Law" segment on WCAX. Then grandma would ask, "How is school?" Once I answered, there was always this follow up question: "Do you know Cheryl Hanna?" She always helped Vermonters understand cases and why they mattered to every one of us. I told Professor Hanna about this in the spring, and she laughed about her "over 60" following on Channel 3, and agreed to say hello to grandma at graduation for me. Her passion has carried onto the staff, students, and alumni of VLS. I will forever be indebted to her for all she did for Vermont Law and my fellow Swans, and I will spend the rest of my career trying to model her passion for the law.
Amy E. Davis, JD '15

Cheryl Hanna was a friend to all VLS'rs and an inspiration. Her kindness and generosity of spirit and her willingness to reach out and extend herself was unmatched.
Doug Ebeling '97

Cheryl has been a friend and inspiration to many here at VLS. We are stunned and saddened, but better for having known and worked with her.
Lori Dubreuil