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NALP Employment Report and Salary Survey

All law schools are required by the ABA to report the employment statistics for their most recent graduating JD class. The deadline for filing the information is March 15th of the year after graduation. We would appreciate if you would complete the following survey. The information will remain confidential and no names are used when reporting the data. Please contact Shelly Parker if you have questions about the survey. Thank you!

Please refer to the instruction sheet as you are completing this survey.

Name: * Phone: * Permanent Address: * Email: *

I. Demographic Information

A1. Program Type at Time of Graduation *
A2. Transfer Student?
  Yes        No
B. Age (Complete either B1 or B2)
  B1. Age at Graduation
  B2. Birthdate (Mo/Day/Yr)
C. Gender Identity *
I do not identify as male or female.
I identify as transgender.
D. Sexual Orientation
E. Race/Ethnicity (You may check up to two)
Black/African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
American Indian/Alaska Native
F. Disability *
Yes (describe)
G. Veteran Status (check if applicable)
  U.S. military veteran
Military service from a country other than U.S.

II. Post Graduate Employment Status

A1. Select only one of the following to describe your post-graduate status: *
  Employed in a position for which you receive a salary or a stipend or are being paid on a contract or retainer basis (also complete the items in sections A3 and B)
Enrolled in a full-time degree or certificate program
Not employed - start date deferred (also complete items A2 and 7; the rest of the form is not applicable.)
Not employed and seeking work/paid position (also complete item A2; the rest of the form is not applicable)
Not employed and not seeking work/paid position (also complete item A2; the rest of the form is not applicable)

A2. If you are not employed, are you volunteering?
  Yes, in a law-related capacity
Yes, not in a law-related capacity
A3. Job Information
  1. Type of Job (choose one only)

Bar admission required/anticipated (includes judicial clerks)
JD advantage
Other professional position (describe)
Non-professional position (describe)
  2. Job is:

  3. Job pays:
A salary of $ per year
A stipend of $ (choose one) per week    per month    per project
  4. Indicate whether the employer hired you on a short-term or long-term basis. Note that a long-term job from the employer's perspective may be one that you consider short-term, while, for example, you continue to seek a different job. Please indicate the type of job from the employer's perspective.

Job is long-term (1 year or more)
Job is short-term (duration is less than a year)

Also indicate if the job is funded by your law school.

The job is funded in whole or in part by my law school. (Check if applicable. Excludes jobs that are "permanent" in nature such as long-term jobs in career services, admissions, development, or general counsel offices.)
  5. Indicate whether you are seeking a job other than the one described here

I continue to seek a job other than that described here
I am not seeking a job other than that described here
  6a. Timing of Job Offer (mark one)

Before graduation
After graduation (if after graduation, also complete 6b below)
  6b. Post-graduation offer was received

Before bar results
After bar results
Timing relative to bar results not applicable; bar exam not taken
  7. Date on which you started or will start your job: (Mo/Day/Yr)
  8. Source of Job: Mark the one choice that best describes how you learned of and made initial contact with the employer. If you received an offer from your summer employer, or the employer for whom you worked during law school, indicate how you initially made contact with that employer.

Interviewed during fall OCI program organized by the career services office
Interviewed during spring OCI program organized by the career services office
Returned to or continued with pre-law school employer
Interviewed at job fair or consortia
Responded to career services' job posting
Referral by business colleague, friend, relative, alumni, or school personnel
Responded to non-CSO job posting (e.g., classified ad,
Used school's judicial clerkship process or OSCAR
Self-initiated contact, e.g., a targeted mailing, an informational interview, or the result of networking
Used a temporary placement agency or legal search consultant
Started own practice or business
Other: (describe)
B. Employer Information

Name and Address of Employer

Name: Street: City: State: Zip:
Complete B1, B2, and B3 only if your primary job is in law firm private practice. If not, skip to B4/B5, B6/B7, B8 or B9/B10 as appropriate. If you are employed by a legal temporary agency, skip to B4 and B5 (business or industry) regardless of the employer at which the agency has placed you.

B1. Total Size of Law Firm (Mark only one for size of entire firm by total number of attorneys)
  Solo (you have started your own law firm as a solo practitioner)
1-10 attorneys
11-25 attorneys
26-50 attorneys
51-100 attorneys
101-250 attorneys
251-500 attorneys
501+ attorneys
B2. Firm is a public interest law firm.
  Firm is a public interest law firm. (check if applicable)
Job is part of an incubator program or is at a law firm established by the law school. (check if applicable)
B3. Type of Law Firm Job (mark one only)
  Associate/Entry-level attorney
Law Clerk
Staff attorney
Patent agent
Other non-attorney position
If job is in business or industry, complete both B4 and B5.

B4. Type of Employer
  Legal temporary agency
Accounting firm
Investment banking or financial institution
Entertainment/sports management company
Insurance company
Real estate
Retail trade or hospitality sector
Management consulting firm
Publishing house
Legal process outsourcer (LPO)
Legal/law-related technology company
Other technology/e-commerce company
Trade association or political campaign
Other business or industry: (describe)
B5. Type of Job
  Temporary attorney work
Law clerk or paralegal
In-house lawyer
Business development/Sales/Marketing
Tax associate (with an accounting firm)
E-discovery attorney (with an LPO)
Landman (with an energy company)
Other (describe)
If job is in government, complete both B6 and B7.

B6. Level of Government
Local (city/municipal/county)
Other (describe)
B7. Type of Job
  Judicial Clerkship
Judicial - Other (non-clerkship, e.g. staff attorney)
Military JAG Corps (any service)
Other military position (uniformed or civilian)
Agency Honors program
Other agency position (including law enforcement)
Legislative (e.g. legislative assistant)
Other: (describe)
B8. If Job is in a Public Interest Organization or Other Nonprofit (Mark one item that best describes the primary type of work or job you will be handling)
  Community education and organization
Civil legal services
Public defender or appellate defender
Other: (describe)
If job is in education, complete both B9 and B10.

B9. Type of Employer
  Law school
College or university
Elementary or secondary school
Other: (describe)
B10. Type of Job
Research assistant/fellow or other temporary position
Other (describe, e.g., Title 9 compliance)
Other Remarks

III. Second Job Information

(Complete only if you have a job concurrent with that reported above.)

Name and Address of Employer

Name: Street: City: State: Zip:
A1. Type of Job (check only one)
  Bar admission required/anticipated (includes judicial clerks)
JD preferred
Other professional position (describe)

Other non-professional position (describe)
A2. Job Is: (check only one)
A3. Employer Type (Mark only one)
  Law firm private practice
Judicial clerkship
Public interest

IV. Bar Review Feedback

In an effort to improve bar review services for our students, we would appreciate feedback from you regarding the bar exam.

A. Bar Information
  1. Did you take the bar exam?     Yes    No

2. If yes, in which state(s)?

3. Did you pass a bar exam?    Yes    No

4. If yes, in which state(s)?

5. Do you have a joint degree?     Yes    No    Still enrolled in Masters program

6. If you are employed in a law-related capacity, please indicate the area in which you specialize. We are particularly interested in whether your position involves any of the specialized training you received at VLS. (For example, if you were a joint degree student, are you practicing environmental law? If you were in the GPP Program, are you in a general practice setting?)

7. If you are employed, what factors contributed to you getting your job?

B. Bar Exam Preparation
  1. Are there bar exam classes that you wish you had taken in law school?        Yes     No

2. If yes, which classes?

3. If yes, were you advised to take these classes?       Yes     No

4. Did you take any commercial bar review courses during the school year or during the summer?        Yes     No

5. If so, which one(s)?

6. Did you find the commercial review course(s) helpful?       Yes     No

7. If yes, why? If no, why not?

8. Did you take Advanced Bar Studies in the fall or Advanced Legal Analysis in the spring?

9. Is there any advice about the bar exam or about bar exam preparation that you wish you had been given during your third year that you were not given?        Yes     No

10. If yes, what is that advice?

11. Would you have taken a bar exam essay writing class during your third year for credit?        Yes     No

12. Why or why not?

13. Are there any services that you believe the school should provide relating to bar exam preparation?

14. Is there any other information that you think would be valuable for the school to give to students regarding bar examination and preparation?
Information Collection Disclosure:

The information you enter here is retained by VLS for internal use, and may be submitted to third-party tools or entities for specific, related purposes such as payment processing or reporting. All data is collected and retained via secure protocols. Click here to read relevant policy information.
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