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The Library Study Carrel Program is designed for students who plan to study, research and write in the library on a regular basis, i.e., four - seven days a week. Space is limited. Students who wish to store material should consult Dean Jefferson's office to reserve a locker.

Carrel allocation is based on many factors and processing starts at the beginning of each semester. The library manages the Study Carrel Program and reserves the right to rescind authorization at any time.

The form is available below.

Date: May 23, 2019 Time: 04:00

Your Name:

Your VLS Email:


Purpose of Request:

Floor Preference:

Include reasons for requesting a carrel, your proposed research topics, dates for short-term use and Moot Court Competition.

Study Carrel Guidelines

  1. All Library materials stored in your carrel must be checked out and have a "Carrel Due Date Slip" clearly placed in each item. When checking out a book, request a green slip at the Information Desk. The library will re-shelve any library books without a slip.
  2. Do not store food in your carrel; drinks are permitted in spill-proof containers.
  3. Carrels must be kept clean, orderly, and business-like.
  4. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items left in your carrel.
  5. You must vacate your carrel by the last day of the semester. Personal items left behind will be placed in lost and found.

I have read and understand the guidelines and I agree to abide by the guidelines. The library will revoke carrel privileges if violations of guidelines occur.

Information Collection Disclosure:

The information you enter here is retained by VLS for internal use, and may be submitted to third-party tools or entities for specific, related purposes such as payment processing or reporting. All data is collected and retained via secure protocols. Click here to read relevant policy information.
European Union residents, click here to request removal of your data from our systems.

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