Article 14.1 outlines measures for taking stock of progress made under the Paris Agreement. The global stocktake encourages individual ambition by preparing a collective assessment of submitted information using a variety of different sources. The content of Art. 14.1 evolved significantly during the course of the negotiations to increase both the scope of the assessment and the types of information used to perform the assessment. Starting in ADP 2-11, there was consensus that the Art. 14 should assess the combined progress of the Parties towards achieving the purpose of the Agreement. However, what was included in the assessment was not resolved. Initially, the Parties agreed they would assess implementation in "relation to mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation" but assessment of support was not added until the Dec. 4 draft. The potential sources of information to inform the global stocktake process were narrowed during the course of the negotiations. The proposed Decision Text in ADP 2-11 included "input from non-State actors, relevant international organizations and international cooperative initiatives." This language was removed from the final Decision Text. Even where there is certainty there is still a lack of clarity. The stocktake is committed to using the "best available science" but the term is currently undefined. For example, Decision para. 100 requests SBSTA to provide advice on how IPCC assessments can inform the global stocktake process. Additionally, the revisions to the Agreement eliminated any conditions to participating in the global stocktake. The ADP 2-11 draft contained bracketed language that developing country Party participation will "depend on the provision of financial resources." This clause was eliminated in the Dec. 5 draft.

Several terms in Art. 14.1 require more clarification, including "in light of equity and best available science." Decision para. 99 requests the APA to identify sources of input for global stocktake for consideration and adoption at its first session. Paragraph 99 also provides a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list, which includes "the latest reports of the IPCC." Decision para. 100 also requests that SBSTA provide advice on how IPCC assessments can inform global stocktake. SBTSA is to report to APA at its second session. Notably, no guidance has been requested on defining "equity."