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Chittenden County

Chittenden County, with a population of approximately 146,000 people, is Vermont’s largest county and the most innovative in criminal justice programing. In addition to its active justice centers, Chittenden County has a unique pre-trial charging program known as the Rapid Intervention Community Court that keeps offenders out of the judicial system, a post-arraignment referral program for treatment, and fully developed and evidenced-based drug and mental health dockets.

Intercept Point 1: Community and Law Enforcement Programs
Justice Centers
Burlington Community Justice Center
Essex Community Justice Center
City of South Burlington Community Justice Center
Williston Community Justice Center
Winooski Community Justice Center
Intercept Point 2: Pre-Arraignment Programs
Rapid Intervention Community Court
Chittenden County Court Diversion
Intercept Point 3: Pre-Trial Services
Pre-Trial Services
Rapid Referral Program
Intercept Point 4: Court - Sentencing and Dispositions
Innovative Sentencing
Chittenden County Drug Court

Chittenden County Mental Health Court
Intercept Point 5: Offender Return to Community
Offender Re-Entry Programs
COSA Program