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Lease Term
If you are a VLS student subletting for the summer, please use the Summer Only form. For year-round leases, use the Year Round form.
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Energy Efficiency Info
Type of light bulbs used in rental unit: incandescent
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Energy Efficiency
VLS is committed to promoting energy efficiency. We'll note the level of efficiency in your rental unit's listing with one or more "green leaf" images.

no efficiency measures taken
some measures taken
relatively good efficiency
very good efficiency
highest efficiency
How old is the refrigerator? over 20 years old
5 to 20 years old
less than 5 years old
Energy Star refrigerator
Does the rental unit have a washer/dryer? yes
yes, Energy Star
Does the rental unit have a dishwasher? yes
yes, Energy Star
Does the water heater have an insulating jacket? yes      no
Does the shower have a low-flow showerhead? yes      no
Are faucet aerators installed? yes      no
Has weather stripping been installed around doors and windows? yes      no
What does the rental unit use for heating? propane
natural gas
Are the walls insulated? yes      no
Is the attic insulated? yes      no
Has the building been energy audited? yes      no
If yes, have measures have been taken in response to the audit? yes      no
If measures have been taken, please describe:
Additional Comments
or Description:
Comments or Description
Please include a description of your property. Popular comments include: paved or dirt road; if FWD needed; hardwood floors; deck, porch, garage; views; washer/dryer, dishwasher, woodstove, plowing, trash removal included.
Landlords, take note:

- Please be advised that Vermont Law School does not accept responsibility for matters between the landlords and tenants who use our list. Vermont Law School reserves the right to amend information on the housing list as we feel it best meets student needs.

- Failure to comply with state housing codes will result in your rental listing(s) being removed from the VLS Housing website. Contact the VT Dept of Public Safety and ask for their brochure "What Landlords Need to Know About Safe Housing and Complying with the Law" or go to to download the PDF.

- By signing this form (or submitting the form online) you signify that the following statement is true:
"I certify that I provide and maintain premises that are in compliance with all applicable housing codes (see Vermont Statue, Title 9 Chapter 137)."
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Contact the Housing Coordinator.

Call (802) 831-1456 or email housing@vermontlaw.edu
Winter Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5pm
Summer Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm


Vermont Law School does not endorse any landlords listed on this site.

We reserve the right to not list every entry submitted.