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Landlord Posting Fee Payment Form

We charge landlords a modest fee to post rentals on our website. Please calculate the total amount you owe, using the rules below, and then fill out the form. You may then choose to pay online using our secure form, or pay by check.

  • Each landlord pays $25/year as a landlord registration fee, which includes posting one rental unit.

  • Additional rentals are $10/each.

  • There is no charge to have a rental taken off the list, but there is a charge of $10 to have a rental put back on.

EXAMPLE: Say you want to post 4 rental properties. Total payment would be $55: $25 registration fee, plus $30 for 3 rentals. If you add a new rental on a later date during the year, it would be an additional $10. If you took a rental off the list as it became rented, then added it on again later in the year, it would be another $10.

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