Classes Offered - Fall

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Course Code Title Abbrev. Credits Professor Days/Times JD Requirements MELP Requirements LLM EL Requirements Prerequisites Evaluation Method
ADR6405.A Arbitration 2 McCormack M 3:35-5:15 Skills ADR     Take home final; class part.; in-class exercises
ADR6410.A Alt Dispute Res 3 Vogel T 2:10-4:50 Skills ADR     Class part., simulations; writing assign.
ADR6420.A Negotiation 2 Powers *F 2:10-6:30, S 8 - 6:30 Skills ADR      
BUS6235.A Corporations 4 Smiddy TRF 11:20-12:35 Bar       Midterm, final exam and 1-2 written proj.
BUS6255.A Income Taxation 4 Willbanks MWF 9:55-11:10         In-class final exam, written proj, class performance
BUS6260.A Intellectual Prop 2 Goodenough W 3:35-5:15         In-class final exam
BUS6262.A Soc. Enterprise Law 2 Schmidt W 3:35-5:15 AWR       Final paper, short thought pieces, class part.
BUS6280.A Sales 2 Firestone M 3:35-5:15 Bar       In-class final exam
BUS6290.A Securities Reg 3 Taub TR 9:55-11:10         Take-home final exam
BUS6305.A NonProfit Orgs 3 Schmidt TR 2:10-3:25         Final project-legal report
CLI9302.A Env Nat Res Law Clinic 6-13 Ruley MW 2:10-3:25 Skills; AWR        
CLI9310.A So Ro Legal Clinic FT 10 May   Skills; AWR        
CLI9312.A SRLC PT 3 May   Skills; AWR        
CLI9315.A SRLC Class 3 May TWRF 8:30-9:45          
CLI9315.B SRLC Class 3 May TWRF 2:10-3:25          
CLI9405.A Dispute Res Clinic I 4 Barone M 8:30-10:10 Skills ADR      
CLI9411.A SIP 11 Cimini   Skills; AWR        
CLI9412.A SIP Class 2 Cimini            
CLI9425.A JD PT Externship 2-9 White W 5:30-6:30 Skills        
CLI9430.A Judicial Externship 11 White   Skills        
CLI9431.A Judicial Class 2 White            
CLI9432.A LLM Externship 4-10              
CLI9440.A MELP Externship 4-10              
CLI9450.A Land Use Clinic 6 Gjessing MW 5:25-7:25 Skills; AWR        
CRI7262.A Const Crim Procedure 3 Martinez Campbell TR 9:55-11:10 Bar       In-class final exam, class part., oral presentation
CRI7305.A Adv Crim Law Sem 2 Martinez Campbell T 3:35-5:15 AWR       Paper, class part., oral presentation
CRI7307.A Crim Practice & Proc 4 Saxman TR 5:25-7:10 Bar        
CRI7318.A White Collar Crime 3 Taub TR 2:10-3:25         Take-home final exam
CRI7350.A Crim Law Clinic 6 Saxman/Sand/Griffin W 5:25-7:25 Skills        
DIV7610.A Race & the Law Seminar 2 Jefferson M 3:35-5:15 Persp, AWR       Paper
DIV7620.A Native Americans 3 Hoffmann MW 12:45-2:00 Persp.       Final exam, mid-term, class part.
ENV5105.A Administrative Law 3 West MW 2:10-3:25   Req JD/MELP Req   In-class final exam
ENV5112.A Science for Env Law 3 Pease MW 8:30-9:45   Req Req   In-class final exam
ENV5115.A Environmental Law 3 Firestone MW 12:45-2:00   Req Req   In-class final exam
ENV5117.A Intro Legal Studies 4 Beyranevand TRF 11:20-12:35   Req      
ENV5117.B Intro Legal Studies 4 Beyranevand TRF 2:10-3:25   Req      
ENV5125.A Land Use Regulation 3 Milne TR 9:55-11:10         In-class final exam
ENV5226.A Energy Law & Policy 3 Dworkin MW 11:20-12:35   Ethics/Phil     Take-home final exam
ENV5245.A Water Resources Management 3 Tuholske TR 2:10-3:25         In-class final exam
ENV5250.A Watershed Management 3 Echeverria TR 9:55-11:10 AWR     Water Quality; Water Resources Law Paper
ENV5304.A CompEnv Law Research 2 Liu/Pease T 3:35-5:15 AWR       Paper and class performance
ENV5305.A Environmental Ethics 2 Loder M 3:35-5:15 Persp; AWR       Paper, oral presentation, class part.
ENV5335.A Extinction 2 Parenteau W 3:35-5:15 AWR       Paper
ENV5349.A Reg Marine Environment 2 Wroth MW 2:10-3:25 AWR       Take home final exam or paper
ENV5365.A Climate Change & Taxes 2 Milne T 3:35-5:15 Persp; AWR       Paper
ENV5380.A Food Reg & Policy 3 Beyranevand TR 8:30-9:45         Take-home exam and final writing assignment
FAM7710.A Estates 4 Dycus MWR 8:30-9:45 Bar     Property In-class final exam
FAM7745.A MedLaw 2 Apel W 3:35-5:15 Persp       Paper and class performance
GPP7806.A GPP Domestic Rltns 4 Apel T 2:10-4:30, R 2:10-3:25 Bar; Skills        
GPP7806.B GPP Domestic Rltns 4 Nunlist T 2:10-4:30, R 2:10-3:25 Bar; Skills        
GPP7814.A GPP Intl Intell Prop 2 Audia T 3:35-5:15 Persp     GPP Domestic  
GPP7817.A GPP: Criminal Law 2 Kruska M 4:15-5:55 Skills        
GPP7818.A GPP: Rep Business 2 Goodenough R 3:35-5:15 Skills     Corporations  
INT7415.A Immigration Law 3 Edersheim MW 3:35-4:50         Take-home exam and class part.
INT7416.A Intl. Business Trans 3 Hofmann TR 2:10-3:25         In-class final exam (50%), analytical written assign. (25%), class part. (25%)
INT7425.A International Law 3 Stephens TF 11:20-12:35         In-class final exam and class part.
INT7432.A Applied Human Rights 3 Farrior M 11:20-1:00          
JUR7320.A Jud Opinion Writing 2 Hogan R 3:35-5:15         TBD
JUR7330.A Moral Philosophy Sem 2 Loder W 3:35-5:15 Persp; AWR Ethics/Phil     Paper, oral presentation, class part.
JUR7390.A Juris Tutorial 1 Brooks TBD Persp; AWR       Readings only; Pass/Fail or Paper(s) graded
LIT7210.A Evidence 4 Gagnon TRF 11:20-12:35 Req.       In-class midterm and final exams
LIT7211.A Evidence Lab   Gagnon T 2:35-3:25          
LIT7211.B Evidence Lab   Gagnon T 3:35-4:25          
LIT7211.C Evidence Lab   Gagnon R 2:35-3:25          
LIT7211.D Evidence Lab   Gagnon R 3:35-4:25          
LIT7211.E Evidence Lab   Gagnon W 5:25-6:15          
LIT7220.A Trial Practice 3 Levine W 5:25-8:10 Skills     Evidence  
LLM9606.A LL.M. Seminar 3 Pease F 12:45-2:25     Req    
MSC7905.A Dean's Fellows 4 Johnson W 3:35-5:15          
MSC7910.A Exchange Program 14   see class description          
MSC7911.A Exchange UConn 14   see class description          
MSC7912.A Exchange Franklin Pierce 14   see class description          
MSC7913.A Exchange UC Hastings 14   see class description          
MSC7914.A Exchange Howard Univ 14   see class description          
MSC7916.A Exchange NY Law 14   see class description          
MSC7917.A Exchange UPR 14   see class description          
MSC7918.A Exchange Tuck 3   see class description          
PUB7510.A Legislation 3 Hall M 5:25-8:00         In-class final exam, legislative writing assign., class part.
PUB7550.A National Security Law 3 Dycus MW 12:45-2:00 Persp.; AWR       In-class final exam
REQ7140.A Criminal Law 3 Meyer MW 2:10-3:25 Req.       In-class final exam
REQ7255.1 Appellate Advocacy 3   Generic -Everyone registers Req.     ConLaw I and II; Legal Writing I and II  
REQ7255.A Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 11:20-12:35          
REQ7255.B Appellate Advocacy 3   TR 11:20-12:35          
REQ7255.C Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 9:55-11:10          
REQ7255.D Appellate Advocacy 3   TR 9:55-11:10          
REQ7255.E Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 12:45-2:00          
REQ7255.F Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 2:10-3:25          
REQ7255.G Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 12:45-2:00          
REQ7255.H Appellate Advocacy 3   MW 9:55-11:10          
REQ7265.A Legal Profession 3 Cole MW 11:20-12:35 Req.       Final paper, 2 CALI lessons, class part.
REQ7265.B Legal Profession 3 Cole W 5:25-8:10 Req.       Final paper, 2 CALI lessons, class part.
WRI7352.B Adv. Legal Analysis 3 McCormack MW 12:45-2:00          
WRI7950.A Law Review I 2   F 2:10-3:25 AWR        
WRI7951.A Law Review II 1   F 2:10-3:25 AWR        
WRI7960.A Env Law Journal I 2   F 2:10-3:25 AWR        
WRI7961.A Env Law Journal II 1   F 2:10-3:25 AWR